The Bylaws of the GCRP constitute the official rules of the Geauga County Republican Party set forth by both the Ohio Revised Code and our County Party. A copy of these Bylaws are also available and filed with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office and updated whenever a revision occurs.

To download the GOP Bylaws, Click Here.

To download the Platform of the Geauga County Republican Party, Click Here.


The Geauga County Republican Party stands for policies and governance of moral and ethical nature that protect individual liberties, efficiently manage hardworking taxpayers’ dollars, affirm individuals and families, and create a thriving local economy.

Because the United States of America is founded on the principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and of equal opportunity for all, our platform shall always remain consistent with these principles.

Because it is our belief that limiting the size and scope of government best protects individual freedom and liberty, our platform supports limited government.

Because the family is the best place to develop values, principles, and morals, our platform supports a strong family with limitations on government interference.

Because a healthy free market economy is the foundation for individual prosperity, strong families, successful businesses, and funding of essential government services, our platform supports policies and practices that expand the private sector economy and reverse the expansion of government.

Because educating our youth and preparing our work force to attract new industries is crucial to the success and growth of the private sector, our platform stands for educational excellence and workforce development.

Because citizens deserve a government free from corruption at all levels, motivated by the creation of policies beneficial to its citizens and our region, our platform insists upon open government run by officials of integrity, who put the constitutional freedoms of citizens first.

Because citizens deserve exceptional, qualified candidates who put the needs of the people first, our platform supports the recruitment and development of excellent candidates and the promotion of elections free from dishonest practices.

Because this platform is designed to address issues of state and local government policies, it may be silent on matters of the Republican National Committee’s platform that lie beyond our jurisdiction. However, insofar as there is no conflict with the statements and provisions herein, it shall be clear that we support the platform of the national party, of which we are a member. The RNC platform is available for review by clicking here.