Geauga County Republican Party is pleased to announce the release of our new website, designed with a fresh new look, improved navigation and overall functionality. The new site launched on June 4th 2017, and you can visit us online at

We’ve added a ton of new interactive features and dynamic content, including:

  • A responsive element that adjusts automatically for different size devices
  • New added functionality and features
  • Improved navigation
  • A news feature with updated political news and election information
  • Tweaks to various pages to improve intuitiveness

So, whether you are “just looking” or you are seeking more specific details about the Geauga County Republican Party, we are here to help you! Thank you to the voters for supporting our candidates. A special thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers who worked long and hard for great results. Please contact us at (440) 253-9677 or email with any questions.